A rush of blood

It’s like being stranded somewhere far away where you can’t quite reach yourself…

Most of the time you feel numbed… half asleep, partially alive.

But sometimes, you feel it.. that rush of blood through the veins, the drums circling on a beat you know it’s yours. No more numbness, no more chains…

You run. And you keep running with the adrenaline pumping your heart, your brain, your every particle. No destination. You keep running, hoping that this time you’ll know where you should be.

Feels safe to run. You hope that your knees won’t weaken out. But they do.

Stop. No more running.  You’re right back from where you left. But you’re not numbed anymore. Your heart is pumping harder, the rush of blood drives you mad.

There are no chains, you’re the one that drove back.

Open your eyes. You’re half alive, half awake.

Now what?….

Prodigy – Climbatize


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