For someone special.

Fighting is something they try to teach us every step of the way.

Fighting is something only the strong ones can do, no matter what.

God gives us only as much as we can carry.

The strong ones have harder moments, unlike the weak ones, only because they can make it.

Growing up doesn’t mean loosing something. It means keeping everything from the past, but gaining something new.

We are the legacy of our parents, and if we improve their gift, than all of our struggles are worthy.

We don’t fear people, situations or different times. We fear us. We have the power to decide our own road, our own faith, to improve the God given way.

And in order to be strong, be have to sometimes be weak. To sometimes fear. To sometimes run, in order to come back. In order to appreciate what we already have, the beautiful things.In order to make it right.

We are what we are.

The good, the bad, the brave, the coward, the beautiful, the ugly, the honest, the liar.

The unworthy, the righteous, the wise, the impulsive. Everything. Everything we do, everything we feel represents us.

Our inner demons can always be gone. Can always be forgotten. Can always be turned into angels.

Choose your way. Your road. Your story.Yourself.


Ky-Mani Marley – Warriors.


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